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Frequently Asked Questions


P.S. Each painted rock is hand-made, so each one is different from another and the price is defferent too. It depends on its weight, its size and on the time that I spend to paint it.

Q - What is the first step to placing an order or inquiry?
A - Use the Order/Inquiry Form. I will e-mail you back with shipping cost, availability and time frame for your order. Then let me know if you still want to order.

Q - Can the rocks be displayed outside?
A - Yes. I put 2 or 3 coats of outdoor varnish on all my stones. Rain and cold weather shouldn't hurt them. You may want to move the rock to a more protected area during very hot summer temperatures, if you notice any changes of color in the rock. Once a year you could softly rub it with glass-paper and then pass a coat of varnish.

Q - How much will shipping cost and how do you ship it?
A - Shipping is based on weight. I'll e-mail you with the shipping cost before I start your project for your approval.

Q - What do you need to paint my pet?
A - A good picture of the pets face is most important. I can only paint what I see. The more pictures the better. If your pictures aren't clear, I may have to ask you questions to help me paint a good likeness of the pet. If your pet is multi-colored, pictures of the body at different angles also helps.

Q - How do I get my pictures to you and will I get them back?
A - The easiest way, if you are able to, is to e-mail them to me. Large pictures if possibe. If you can't e-mail them, you can mail them to my address, that I'll give you if necessary. I will return your pictures.

Q - What if I don't have any pictures?
A - If you have a standard breed, I can always use a stock photo that I can get from my large collection of cat and dog reference books, magazines or the Internet. I can send you various pictures, and you can let me know which one looks the most like your pet.

Q - When do I pay for the rock?
A - I don't want or need any deposit or payment until after I have painted your rock. If for any reason you don't like it, you don't have to buy it. After you approve and pay for the rock, I will ship the rock to you.

Q - How can I pay?
A - You can pay using PAYPAL or with a Bank transfer.


Do you have a questions that I haven't answered above? Please e-mail
me and I'll get back to you quickly.